Prefect Packing: Five Tips for Packing a Shipping Container for an International Move

If you are using a shipping container from a company like Ultimate Storage Solutions to move your possessions overseas, you need to pack that container as carefully as possible. Obviously, you want to arrive at your destination with your possessions intact rather than all broken. To ensure that happens, take a look at these packing tips:

1. Pack in layers

In order to evenly distribute your possessions throughout your shipping container, you want to pack in layers. Start with the bottom layer of your shipping container and put your largest heaviest furniture on that layer.

Once that layer is full, start on the second layer. This layer should feature relatively lightweight furniture and boxes. For example, if you put your couches on the bottom layer, you may want to stack your chairs on top of your couch in your second layer.

2. Push everything tightly together

In a shipping container, your items are going to move and get jostled as the boat carrying them moves and gets jostled by waves. To prevent items from moving and shifting in transit, pack them as tightly as possible together.

After you finish putting your items onto each layer, take a second look and see where you can wedge in other smaller items. Be prepared to mix and match items. Rather than putting all of your office furniture together, for example, you may end up mixing and matching items from different rooms or categories.

3. Consider adding braces to your shipping container

If you cannot wedge your items closely enough together, consider using braces. Braces or wood supports can be attached directly to the wooden floor of your shipping container, and they can be used to hold items in place.

You can build your own braces. Essentially, all you need is one piece of wood attached to the floor with a perpendicular piece raising up from it. Then, you use as many of these pieces as you need to prevent items from moving.

4. Use soft items as padding

While arranging items in your shipping container, use soft items as padding. Pillows, cushy foot stool, and boxes full of clothing can all be used to hold relatively fragile items in place and provide padding. To create padding around the outside of your shipping container, line the perimeter of your shipping container with mattresses.

5. Pack items you want right away at the back

Most shipping containers feature doors on one side. As you load the shipping container, you carry your items through the doors and into the back of the container. When you are done, you close the doors, but the items right behind the doors are going to be the first items you are able to unpack.

Following the idea above, pack a mattress as your very last item. It pads the rest of your stuff and prevents it from slamming into your doors. Immediately behind your mattress, however, pack the items you want right away at your new destination. Depending on your lifestyle, that may be kids' toys, cooking essentials or bedding.


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