How to Pack Your Belongings for a Stress-Free Move

Whether you move yourself or you hire professional removalists to do it for you, there are some key things to remember when packing so moving day is as stress-free as possible.

Items you'll need to gather for packing include boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape and at least one Sharpie marker.


Anything that can be taken apart should be, such as tables, lamps, and sofas. If the furniture does not come apart, it should be wrapped carefully in plastic or with blankets to protect it once it's on the truck.


This can be bundled and moved in boxes or bags. Formal clothes and those on hangers can be left as is and placed in bags or plastic. Clothes are normally transported in your own vehicle, rather than in a large moving truck, so they can be protected from ripping or staining.


Don't water plants the day before the move, and if possible, wrap them in plastic. If possible, try to move these in your own vehicle, to prevent damage. That's not to say removalists will not take care with your plants, but they can be quite fragile, and the truck may jostle them too much.


Cans and other food can be placed into boxes or reusable grocery bags. Be careful not to make the boxes too heavy with cans, or the bottoms may fall apart. Try to consume all perishables from your refrigerator before moving day. Anything that needs to be kept cold can be placed in a cooler with plenty of ice. Plan on having takeaway on the day you move so you don't have to worry about cooking or dishes.


These items require the most care when packing. Dishes, glasses, collectibles and other delicate breakables need to be carefully and gently wrapped in bubble wrap. If you run out, you can use newspaper, as long as you place them carefully in the box.

Packing and Labelling

Don't overstuff your boxes; make sure you can close the lid properly on each box. Use a marker to write the contents of each box, as well as what room it belongs in. For example, for dishes you would write, "Dishes – Kitchen." This will keep you organized and make it easier to unpack everything in your new home.

Removalists will ensure that your belongings are moved with the utmost care and will help get you moved into your new home with as little stress as possible.

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