4 Things You Should Always Store in a Climate-Controlled Unit

If you are going to store some personal items in a long term storage unit, you might need one with climate control. This is important because there are certain materials and items that can get damaged if the weather is too hot or too cold, or if there is an issue with humidity. Make sure you have a climate-controlled unit if you are storing any of the following things.


Make sure you have a storage unit with climate control if you intend to store personal electronics in the unit. For example, you might have an extra computer and printer that need to be stored in the self-storage unit until you move somewhere with space for a home office. During this time, you must protect the computer from moisture and humidity, which can destroy the computer. If anything is saved on the hard drive, it is at an even greater risk without climate control. This also goes for other electronics, including televisions, DVD players, audio equipment, and video equipment.


Most furniture items require a storage unit that doesn't have a lot of moisture from humidity, which is another good reason to have climate control. Furniture made of wood is at a great disadvantage with moisture, because it can lead to warping and cracking of the wood. Over time, the moisture can also cause the wood to start rotting, which destroys it. Whether you have a brand-new coffee table or an antique armoire stored in the unit, get climate control and keep the humidity low. You also want to protect furniture that is made of leather, as it can get destroyed from high amounts of heat.


You want to be extra careful when storing collectibles in a storage unit. Certain collectibles might be made of materials that can warp, crack, or rot due to the moisture in your storage unit. For example, if you have an antique wooden jewelry box, it could get severely damaged from high humidity in your self-storage unit. You also need to be careful of any precious artwork, or collectible dolls that might be at risk of pest infestation within certain temperatures. 


If you are going to store any of your appliances in the storage unit, make sure you have a climate-controlled unit. Appliances like microwaves, refrigerators, and dishwashers need the unit to be a cool temperature, without being too hot or too cold. These types of appliances, along with washers and dryers, also can't have humidity that creates moisture, as it can ruin them.

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