Tips to make moving your furniture stress and damage free

When you have to move from one place to another, you face many problems such as unwanted damages, less time, and stress. Moving companies are there to lessen all these problems and make your relocation easy and safe; however, you need to consider these helpful tips to ease the stress with moving furniture and prevent damage.

Taking measurements

Before the movement of your furniture begins, it is important to take measurements of the path your furniture will take so as to come up with ways in which your furniture will be moved without damaging it. Also, make sure that you take measurements of the transporting vehicle to know how the furniture will be arranged. Furthermore, taking measurements of the new place you are moving into and deciding on where everything will be placed before moving will save you plenty of time and stress—having to decide later on when you have to deal with reassembly and other business you may be having can take a lot out of you.

Choosing which furniture will remain intact

Some of your furniture can be moved as it is without dismantling. This will save you time and the headache of reassembling and assembling. Choose which furniture will be moved as it is keeping in mind its weight, size, space of the transporting vehicle and by checking if it has detachable parts like drawers where you do not require tools to disassemble.


To prevent scratches or dents on your furniture surfaces use padding. This can be either towels, newspapers or blankets. You can also use them to prevent shifting of your furniture during transportation. As some furniture is heavy to lift, make work easier by placing it on quilted blankets and drag such furniture to the transport vehicle or from the vehicle to the new place during offloading. However, make sure you drag the furniture on a soft and smooth surface like grass or hardwood floors.

Disassembling and reassembling

Screws get lost easily, and it would save you stress if you always make sure that you have a separate bag for your screws and do not mix them up with anything else. Have separate screw bags for screws belonging to different furniture but place all those bags in one main bag. You can label which screws belong to which piece of furniture to avoid confusion. Where possible avoid removing screws that are in crucial places and that may give you a hard time reassembling. It is advisable to avoid tightening screws as this may lead to the shredding of chipboard materials located inside the furniture panels.

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