Self-Storage | 4 Steps To Pack Your Smart TV For Self-Storage

If you're going away temporarily and don't want to get rid of all your stuff, then self-storage is an ideal and affordable way to store your items until you return. Every item in your home needs a different packing process because some are more delicate than others. This guide equips you with clever steps to pack your smart TV for the self-storage unit.

Wrap The TV Corners In Polystyrene

Your smart TV corners are most vulnerable to damage because of lifting and transporting from one place to another, so you'll want to protect them as robustly as possible. Polystyrene offer a substantial added layer of protection to the corners and will prevent the TV from moving around once it is placed inside the box. Polystyrene sheets and foam should be available at most stationery shops. If you're hiring a removalist for the job, they should be able to provide you with polystyrene too.

Cover The TV With A Soft Blanket

Apart from the corners, you'll naturally want to prevent the screen from any damage. To protect the screen, you should ideally cover the entire TV in a soft blanket because this ensures that the screen doesn't come into direct contact with any other object while being transported to the self-storage unit. Make sure the blanket isn't too abrasive because this could end up scratching the delicate screen anyway.

Place The TV In an Adequately Sized Box

Make sure you choose a box that is big enough to hold the TV after it is protected with the soft blanket and polystyrene on the corners. Start by placing some crushed newspaper or packing paper at the bottom to prevent the base of the TV from encountering the ground directly. Place the TV inside the box as carefully as possible to ensure minimal damage.

Add Crushed Newspaper Or Packing Paper To Hollow Spaces Inside The Box

Once you have carefully placed the TV inside, add some more crushed packing or newspaper to the hollow areas of the box. This action ensures that the TV remains sturdily in place without moving during transport to the self-storage unit. Avoid using packing peanuts because they tend to settle at the bottom when the box is transported, so your TV may end up moving around inside the box anyway. Close the box and mark the item as fragile, so that the removalists know to handle it with care.

Follow these clever steps in your quest to pack your precious smart TV for the self-storage unit.


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