3 Winning Strategies To Match Moving Costs To Your Shoestring Budget

If you live in rental apartments, then chances are you move from one place to another when your lease runs out. The costs of hiring removalists every time you move can add up over the years, so you'll naturally want to find intelligent ways when sourcing cheap removalists for your moving needs. Here are some strategies to match your moving costs to a small budget.

Find Your Own Packing Materials For Free

Most removalists offer packing materials like cardboard boxes, cartons and bubble wrap for a small cost. If you're on a tight budget with little money to spare, consider some advanced planning to source your own packing materials for free. For instance, you can check with your local store whether they have any additional boxes they are planning to get rid of anyway. A local recycling centre may also be a good place to source your own packing supplies for a nominal fee. Sourcing your own packing materials can help you save a ton of money over the years.

Take The Opportunity To De-Clutter

No matter how cheap removalists are, keep in mind that the cost of a smaller van is always going to be cheaper than a larger version. You'll obviously want to get the smallest van possible for your things to ensure that you maximise value. Take this opportunity to get rid of all your unwanted clutter instead of lugging them to the next house. For items that have no more value to you, consider recycling, selling or donating to charity. To raise some cash, sell some of your items online or through a garage sale. This extra cash will probably pay for the cost of the smaller van since you probably have fewer household items after the sale.

Move Mid-Week Instead Of On Weekends

If you're really looking to benefit from lower moving costs, consider a mid-week move instead of a weekend move. Most people move on weekends to avoid taking leave from work, so the prices of moving vans are almost always going to be higher than on weekdays. If you're able to move on a weekday, then you can probably save quite a bit on moving costs because many removalists offer cheap mid-week discounts to attract business during these leaner periods.

Keep these tips in mind when you're ready to hire removalists and are looking to match your moving costs to your tight budget.

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