How to Prime Your Dog When You're Getting Ready to Move House

If you think that moving is stressful for you and your family, spare a thought for your family dog. While the adults certainly know what's going on and you can explain it all carefully to the children, it's not such an easy task for your canine. Remember, that dogs are very simple creatures that love routine. You are about to upend their world. What should you do to make it easier for your four-legged friend?

Advance Work

Where at all possible you should aim to preserve the routine you enjoy with your dog. There is certainly a lot to do, especially as moving day gets closer, but be sure that you continue with those daily walks, feed them at the same time, go to bed as you would ordinarily and ensure you make them feel as if everything is normal. Certainly, the dog will be able to sense something is going on, but it will be less traumatic.

In the same vein, try to pay attention to the dog when he or she comes up to you. It is only looking for love and reassurance and you may be a little more irritable than usual as you worry about the finer details of the move. Remember to pat them and love them.

The Week before

If the place that you are moving to is fairly close by, why not take a trip over there before you actually move and take the dog with you? Let it run around in the new house and encounter those new smells. Why not walk the streets in the neighbourhood with your dog will help introduce them to the area. Perhaps your dog will also meet some other creatures that live there. This type of familiarity will do wonders when you actually move.

On the Day

If you have a family friend who lives nearby, maybe they can take your dog for a long walk on moving day while you are otherwise busy. Of course, your dog should be familiar with them before, as otherwise this could be counter-productive. However, it can also tire your dog out and can help avoid it becoming confused by all the activity when the movers are walking in and out.

When You Get There

When you actually get to your new home you really have to spoil your dog as much as possible. Of course, you've got plenty of work to do in moving all of your stuff in, but after you've done that remember that you need to devote more time and attention to your pet. This will all reduce the pain associated with the transition.

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