Supplies That Make Your Move Faster and Easier on Everyone

Moving is never easy, and the more items you have to pack up and ship, the more difficult it can become. Hiring a professional moving company can be a good choice, but if you plan on handling the move yourself, you might note some supplies to get well in advance, beyond standard moving boxes and packing tape. These will ensure your items are handled safely both on and off the truck and will make the move faster and easier on you and everyone you have on hand to help.

Carpet film protector

To keep carpets and other flooring in good shape, invest in some carpet film protector. This is a type of film that you roll out onto the carpet to protect your home's flooring. It also provides a safer surface for walking, moving hand trucks and the like, so you're less likely to slip on the slick surface of carpeting, wood floorboards or tile.

Bubble corners

When packing dishes or other such flat items, you may not have enough bubble wrap to actually wrap all the way around each item, or you may have invested in foam packing peanuts instead of bubble wrap. To give these items some added protection, get bubble corners. These are layers of bubble wrap that slide over the corners of plates, platters, artwork and other such pieces, providing added protection when they're packed.

Movers rubber bands

Sometimes even the toughest packing tape can start to pull away from a heavy box, which is why movers rubber bands are a good choice. These are thick, heavy-duty bands that you slide around any item and to keep it intact, with less risk of boxes opening at the bottom and less risk of appliance blankets and other such protective pieces sliding off an item.

Custom moving boxes

For moving dishes, artwork or a motorcycle, consider custom moving boxes or even crates. These will be cut and sized to fit certain items in particular, so there is less risk of those items moving around inside or getting damaged during the move. Crates for moving motorcycles, an ATV, and other such items may also have tie-downs that keep these securely in place. In some cases, they are also reusable so you may be able to return them to the store from where you purchased them; this makes them more affordable and also cuts down on waste from discarded boxes.

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