Tips to Remember When Moving a Sofa Bed without Professional Help

It is usually advisable to hire experienced professionals to move your heavy furniture to your new home. However, some people opt to move furniture on their own for different reasons, such as the desire to save some money during the removal. This article discusses some helpful tips to help homeowners who would like to move a sofa bed on their own.

Buy Back Braces

A sofa bed is a very heavy piece of furniture that can injure you if you don't take adequate steps to protect yourself. Back braces can support your spine as you lift the heavy furniture. Buy them from a convenience store or online. Follow the usage guidelines provided so that you can get the best benefit from this support for your back.

Reduce the Load

Some homeowners try to limit how many trips they make from the house to the moving truck during a DIY removal. Such homeowners may end up carrying heavier loads than is safe or necessary. Don't make the same mistake when you want to move your sofa bed. Lighten that load by removing anything, such as the cushions and the mattress, from the sofa bed. This tip will make the remaining part of the sofa bed light enough for you to move it without overstraining yourself.

Secure the Frame

Some people are injured when the metal frame of the sofa bed suddenly unfolds when those people are moving the sofa bed out of the house. Such an accident can be avoided if you strap down the frame so that it cannot unfold as you manoeuvre it out of your house to the moving truck.

Get a Dolly

Your task of moving the sofa bed will be much easier if you get a furniture dolly. A furniture dolly is best because it is designed to take the weight of heavy loads without failing. It is also designed to move through different sizes of doorways, so there is no risk that it will fail to carry your sofa bed out of your house.

The tips above will only be helpful if you survey your home and design an appropriate plan to move that sofa bed through the existing obstacles, such as narrow hallways. It may be better for you to contact furniture removal experts for help in case you are unable to find a way around a challenging obstacle, such as how to move that furniture down the stairs.

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