Consoles, Cartridges and Storage: How to Safely Store Your Retro Video Game Systems and Their Games

If you own a large collection of vintage video game systems such as the PSP, PlayStation 1, or Xbox for example, along with hundreds of games, you will eventually need to store them. It might only be for a week or two or as much as a few months but marriage, babies and moving house often take precedence no matter how precious your collection is to you.

With that in mind then, you will likely need to place your games in storage. While not as fragile as modern video game systems such as the PlayStation 4, your vintage games consoles and their games will need the right environment if they are to remain in good condition while in storage.

Here are some helpful storage tips so that you can store your consoles and games safely without compromising their inner workings.

Safely and Securely Pack Your Consoles and Games First

Although keeping your treasured gaming systems and games in their own personal space on display in your living room would be preferable, you may be forced to put them out of sight at some point.

When this happens, ensure that you pack your consoles and games in a manner that is safe and organized.

You will need:

  • Plastic storage containers: These are ideal for storing gaming consoles and games. Buy the containers with straight-edged corners so you can conserve space when storing them.
  • Empty plastic bags: Use empty plastic bags as padding inside the storage containers to protect your consoles and games from jolts, bumps and scrapes.
  • Small set of plastic drawers: Nowadays, these little sets of plastic drawer units come in sizes. Buy a small set in which to store all your controllers, wires and other bits and bobs.
  • CD sleeve booklet: This is where you can store your CD based games.

Now that you have your consoles and games sorted, you need to think about their boxes.

Wrap Old (But Valuable) Boxes in Plastic

The boxes that your games and consoles came in are also valuable because without them, you may struggle to sell your collection for the price you want in future—if that is your plan. Therefore, you should also pack these away in a separate plastic storage container to protect their surfaces from damage caused by mildew, dust or grime.

You can also protect your boxes from corrosion by wrapping them in plastic and storing them on wooden pallets to guard against moisture absorption from the ground.

Remember that Heat, Cold and Moisture are Your Worst Enemy

Garages, attics and sheds are out of the question when it comes to storing games consoles and games. These places are likely to be either too hot, too cold, or simply too damp, and your beloved collection might be at risk of being damaged.

Instead, invest in a climate controlled storage unit for your retro games consoles and games collection. Because of the heat and humidity of the Australian climate, electronics in storage are at risk of being damage by the accumulation of moisture inside and out. However, with climate controlled storage, this won't be an issue.

Ask any collector and they will tell you that the last thing they would want to do is place their treasured collection into storage. However, if you have no choice, opt for climate controlled storage. While it is more expensive, it will ensure that when you eventually take your consoles and games out of storage, they'll be in the same condition as they were in when they went into storage. For more information, contact a local storage and interstate removalist business.

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