Moving Home During a Pandemic: What Do You Need to Know?

When you need to move house these days, you have to keep an eye on a situation which can quickly change. Everyone wants to live in a post-pandemic world, but Australia isn't there yet. COVID-19 doesn't care that you need to move to a new home, so you need to take adequate care to move with certainty in uncertain times. What should you be thinking about?

Stay Up to Date

Be sure to check for any applicable restrictions prior to moving day. The situation can quickly change, with new restrictions brought into force without much warning, so it's important to remain up to date. You also need to remain in contact with your chosen furniture removals company. Ask them what their contingency plan is if you should be unable to move on the designated date. This is unlikely to happen unless a total lockdown is ordered, but it's important to know your options if you should have to delay.

Packing Materials

Ideally, your chosen date won't need to change, but you will need to have certain hygiene procedures in place for your move. If your removalists were going to supply packing materials, ask that these are delivered several days prior to your moving date. They can simply be left on your doorstep, or you can collect them yourself if it's possible to do so safely. You will need to handle the packing yourself.

Packing Your Possessions

Nobody enjoys packing, no matter how excited you might be to get to your new home. But packing everything yourself and then sealing the boxes minimises the number of people who will be physically touching your possessions. It's a matter of hygiene and avoiding risk wherever possible. Be sure to take the time to pack everything carefully, paying particular attention to fragile items. Ask your moving company if you're unsure about how best to prepare a particular item.

On Moving Day

Before your removalists arrive on moving day, you should enquire about their company's safety protocols. If you wish to set any guidelines yourself, you should inform your moving company with as much notice as possible. This really just involves the standard practices for COVID-19 safety, such as everyone present wearing a face mask, minimising the number of people gathered together in an enclosed space, and frequent hand washing. You should also open all doors and windows to allow the maximum amount of ventilation. 

Moving during a pandemic requires extra care, but this extra care is essential. Reach out to removalists to learn more. 

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