Top Tips For Renting A Storage Space

Storage units have become a necessity for many home and business owners. They allow you to have a spacious home or office without having to move into a larger space once you purchase new items. Below is an article discussing the considerations to make when choosing a home or business storage space. 

Type Of Storage Unit

There is a wide range of storage spaces to choose from. For example, a portable, on-demand storage container would be ideal when you need a storage unit on your premises. Offsite storage units come in different sizes and offer various amenities. For instance, outdoor storage units allow you to drive to the entrance of your storage unit. Therefore, they are ideal when you need to store bulky items or access the storage unit regularly. On the other hand, indoor storage units allow you to protect temperature-sensitive items. 

Location Of The Unit

Location is a critical factor when choosing an offsite storage space. Ideally, the storage unit should be close to your home or office. That way, you can access your items without much hassle. Remember to assess the security of the storage facility. CCTV cameras and restricted access systems will deter thieves from breaking into your unit. 

Terms Of Hire

Look out for the following when evaluating the storage contract: 

  • What items are you prohibited from storing? For example, the storage company could restrict clients from storing live animals, foods and weapons.
  • When can you access your unit? Consider facilities that offer 24/7 services.
  • What is the minimum hiring period? This is an essential consideration if you only need the unit for a few days.
  • How does the company prepare the unit? Ideally, they should repair, clean and disinfect the unit before you move your items in.
  • When hiring a portable storage unit, check if the company offers free transport.
  • Inquire whether you are allowed to renovate your unit. For instance, you could need shelves or customised lighting. 


The costs of renting the unit should be within your budget. Compare the rates of several companies to establish the current industry rates. Additionally, inquire whether you qualify for discounts. For example, some companies will offer a discount if you are a first-time customer. Check when you should make payments. Additionally, inquire what would happen if you made a late payment. In some cases, you will incur a penalty. 

When hiring a storage unit, determine the type of unit you need, the location, the terms of hire and the costs of the unit. 

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