Tips on Cutting Costs During a Removal

Moving to a new house can be costly. But undertaking the removal process yourself is not worth it. You might injure yourself and limit your long-term earning potential. Plus, it will be stressful without expert support. To get the best of both worlds, consider these tips on saving money while enjoying the service of a removalist company.

Declutter First

The more things you have to take with you to your new home, the higher the moving costs. Removalists typically charge by the hour. And you may need extra storage boxes. Plus, additional boxes and furniture take up more truck area. Thus, it's wise to declutter before moving to save on charges.

You could donate clothes and furniture to charity. Some will pick up items from your home. Many councils also allow for a certain number of hard waste collections per year. They can take furniture, white goods, and other goods off your hands. Going through old papers, clothes, and kitchen objects can make you feel lighter and more in control and be good for your mental health.

Move Midweek

Another way to reduce moving costs is to move at less popular times, such as during the week from Monday to Wednesday. Removalists often have better rates at those times. They're inundated with work on weekends, especially at the end of a month, so you won't get as competitive rates. Plus, if you move during a busy weekend, you'll have less control over their time as the removalists aim to fit all the work in. However, on a quieter day with fewer competing demands, they can accommodate your time frame better.

Create Clearways

Aim to make the moving process as efficient as possible to save money. Removalists will typically load the bigger items first onto the truck. They'll move sofas, dining tables, and appliances before smaller items. So make sure you leave a clear way for them to carry these things through the house. For example, don't stack boxes randomly in a narrow hallway, leaving only a tiny gap, as you may have to waste time shifting them out of the way. Being organised in this way will help keep removal costs down as the process will be more efficient.

You could also do your homework on the best pathway through your home for oversized items. Sometimes the best route may be out the back door rather than the front one. You could measure the large furniture items and the doorways beforehand to save time.

Contact removalists in your area for more information. 

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