Two suggestions to remember when using removalists' services

Here are some helpful suggestions to remember when using removalists' services.

Tell them if you're keeping items in your chest of drawers or wardrobes

Many people choose to leave their clothes, accessories and other items in their chests of drawers and wardrobes during their moves, as this cuts down on the time they have to spend packing their things and makes the setting up of the rooms in their new home where this furniture will go much easier. If you do this, you must show the removalists which furniture items are filled with items.

They'll need to know this, as the presence of, for example, your clothing collection in the wardrobe will make it heavier and might mean that the removals team need to have three, rather than two, of their members carry it. Additionally, even if you've taped the drawers and wardrobe doors closed to stop their contents from falling out whilst they're being carried, there is still a chance that this could happen if the tape comes unstuck. As such, the removalists will need to be informed of this packing decision so that they can keep an eye on the drawers or wardrobe doors and, if necessary, use one of their hands to hold them in place whilst carrying them.

Avoid packing your items in old cardboard boxes that aren't in good condition

Whilst reusing old cardboard boxes for your move is both eco-friendly and economical, it is important to assess each old box's condition before putting your things into it, and to discard it if it's not in good condition. If for instance, you pack some items into a box that got wet in the past and is now weak because of this, the box could fall apart when a removalist is holding it, due to its contents bearing down on the damaged cardboard.

This could not only result in the contents being broken or landing in a puddle whilst the removalist is carrying it out to their van, but could also potentially lead to the removalist being hurt if the contents are heavy and land on their feet. This, in turn, might lead to the removals team having to send one of their members home or to the hospital (and your move taking longer due to this) but might also leave you with a collection of broken items to sweep up, in the midst of your move.

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