Two Tips for New Homeowners Who Are Expecting Furniture Deliveries

Here are some tips for people who've moved into their new homes and are expecting new furniture deliveries.

They should unpack as many of their boxed belongings as possible before their furniture is delivered

Prior to their new furniture delivery, people who've just moved into their new homes should try to get as many of their boxed-up belongings unpacked as they can. The first reason they should do this is that it will make it much easier for those who deliver their furniture to get it through the building's hallways and into the preferred areas in each room, as these professionals won't need to, for example, lift furniture over their heads to get it past stacks of boxes, nor will they have to decide where to put furniture, based on which areas of the floors are free of boxes.

The second reason homeowners should do this is that it will make it easier for them to quickly set up and use their new furniture. For example, if they unpack (and, if necessary, wash) all of their bedding and decorative cushions before their new bed arrives, their bed will be set up and ready for use within hours of the delivery. Likewise, if they unbox and take all of the protective tissue off their music records before their display cabinet arrives, they can put the collection in this cabinet and enjoy having it organised, accessible and nicely displayed right away.

They should lay their rugs in any rooms with hard floors before their new furniture is set up on it

If a person has hard floors in their home and they plan to put rugs on the floor areas where their new furniture will be placed, they should lay these rugs in these spots shortly before the delivery people arrive so that the latter can then put the furniture on these rug-covered floors. This will spare the homeowner the task of having to shift their furniture items out of their positions so they can place rugs underneath them at a later stage.

It will also eliminate the possibility of the new furniture scratching their home's floors. This is something that could happen if, for example, the delivery people put a new dining table in the dining room that doesn't yet have a rug in it, and the homeowner then tries to shift this furniture a few inches further to the left or the right, causing the base of the table's legs to scrape against the hard floor surface. If there is a rug protecting the floor during this process, this damage won't occur.

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