House Need Restumping? Tips To Help You Prepare For The Project

If you live in Australia, there's a good chance that your home is built on stumps. Stumps help stabilise homes that are built on rugged terrain. If your home is stumped, you need to plan for restumping. Over time, stumps can wear out, deteriorate or get weather-damaged. When that happens, you need to have your home restumped. Restumping is a complicated process that requires careful planning. If you need to restump your home, read the list below. Here are four steps that will help you avoid complications when restumping your home. 

Reserve Temporary Accommodations

If you need to get your house restumped, you need to arrange for temporary accommodations. You won't be able to stay at home during the project. Restumping involves lifting your home off the existing supports. Unexpected issues can arise while your home is getting lifted. That's why it's a good idea to stay out of your home until the project gets done. 

Hire a Restumping Contractor

If the stumps under your house have deteriorated, it's time to hire a restumping contractor. Restumping is a project that should get done by a licensed restumping contractor. There are several reasons for that. First, a restumping contractor has the experience to avoid problems with the project. Second, restumping contractors know what permits you need before you restump your house. Finally, restumping contractors have the equipment to get the job done right. 

Choose the Right Stumps

When it comes to restumping your house, you need to choose the right material. There are two types of stumps to choose from. You can use concrete or timber stumps under your house. Concrete stumps are long-lasting and sturdy. Concrete stumps are also moisture and pest resistant. Timber stumps are more visually-appealing. That means they'll enhance the appearance of your home. If you're not sure what type of material is best suited for your house, talk to a restumping contractor. They can help you choose the type of stump that will work best for your housing conditions. 

Plan for Added Costs

If you need to restump your home, plan for added costs. Your restumping contractor will quote you a price for the project. But, you should also plan for unexpected expenses. Your contractor may need to take care of repairs during the restumping process. For instance, your contractor may need to level the floors. Or, the subfloors may need to get reinforced. Planning for those types of expenses can help you avoid problems with budgeting.

Reach out to a restumping service near you to learn more.

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